Equality Statement
The Equality Act 2010 requires each setting to have due regard for equalities. There are three needs to which settings must have due regard:

  1. Eliminate discrimination – ‘to treat everyone fairly’
  2. Advance equality of opportunity – ‘to treat everyone as individuals who are different’
  3. Foster good relations – ‘to get along’
Rainbow Pre-school believe that all human beings have equal status and equal rights. Rainbow Pre-school is committed to:


  • Challenging discrimination and harassment wherever they occur
  • Promoting equality of access and opportunity within our setting and the wider community
  • Promoting positive attitudes between people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, cultures, faiths and capabilities
In order to further support children in the setting, raise standards and ensure inclusive practice, we have set ourselves the following objectives:


  • To ensure that the planning reflects and represents the settings religious and ethnic communities, celebrating a range of festivals as appropriate
  • To narrow the gap in measureable outcomes between any of the protected characteristics
  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through developing our practices with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity